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Masar & Dj Premier


Masar is mostly known for being the engineer of Max B & French Montana. For several years now, he has been working as an engineer in a studio located in the same building as the legendary D&D studio (Now renamed the HeadQcourterz), where all the classics Hip Hop records from the 90 has been recorded. […]

See Stacks “RubberBand Dem Stacks” [Designed by Masar Graphix]



Deen Burbigo speaks about Veust & Masar (Mic Forcing)

Deen Burbigo speaks about Veust & Masar (Mic Forcing)

Deen Burbigo & Alpha Wann are two successful French rappers. Both was invited by Abcdair du son to promote their upcoming album and talk about their musical influences. Veust & Masar from the group Mic Forcing was both mentioned as great artists. Journalist #1: Good morning, good evening, depend about the time you watching this. […]

Tragedy Khadafi & Masar

Tragedy Kadafi & Masar

Masar is actually  in the studio Recording & Mixing a project for French Rapper Le Gnoun which should include featuring from legendary rappers like Tragedy Khadafi & Juju from The Beatnuts.  A music video has already been directed by Masar and should be out soon. Stay tune.  

Truly UrzZz “Young, Wild & RecklezZz” Vol. 2 [Designed by Masar Graphix]

Truly UrzZz ''Young Wild & RecklezZz'' Vol 2 - Designed by Masar (Front).jpg

An other collaboration between Truly UrzZz & Masar.   → Truly UrZzZ  “Young, Wild & RecklezZz” Vol. 1 –  Designed By @Masar_Graphix → Truly UrZzZ  “Young, Wild & RecklezZz” Vol. 2 –  Designed By @Masar_Graphix → Trully UrzZz & Ricky Bats “Bars Behind Bars” – Designed By @Masar_Graphix Twitter @TrulyurzZz Bookings & […]

Masar | Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer | Discography

Masar Mixing Engineer in New York

Masar is mostly known for being the engineer of Max B & French Montana, he mixed & mastered a few mixtapes for them but Masar also worked for artists such as Beanie Siegle, Vado, Ransom, Fred The God Son, Hitchcock, IGT, Jim Jones, Jr Writer, A Mafia, Chinx Drugz, Byrd Lady, Timbo King, 9th Prince, […]

Director Masar – Show Reel 2k13

Director Masar & Spike Lee

An other successful year for Director Masar. With about 17 Music Videos shot this year, Masar is definitely on his grind. Check out Masar’s 2013 DemoReel – Website Developed by Masar

Goodfellas' New Website Developed by Masar Tv

Check out the Goodfellas’ website developed by Masar. During the past 3 years, the Goodfellas and Masar have been working together on different projects including music videos, photoshoot and several mixtape covers.

Bruce O’Mighty ft. Lowkey & Slang “Chilly Chill Mode” [Dir./Edited By Masar]

Bruce O'Mighty ft. Lowkey & Slang ''Chilly Chill Mode'' Directed by Masar (1)

  Now Playing on Video Music Box Shout out to uncle Ralph McDaniels for the support. Bruce O’Mighty ft. Lowkey & Slang “Chilly Chill Mode” [Dir./Edited By @MasarMasar]

Chellz “Ear Candy” [Dir./Edited by Masar]

Chellz ''Ear Candy'' Directed by Masar (12)

  Chellz “Ear Candy” Starring @dori_dior [Dir./Edited By @MasarMasar]  


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