Tragedy Khadafi & Masar

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Masar is actually  in the studio Recording & Mixing a project for French Rapper Le Gnoun which should include featuring from legendary rappers like Tragedy Khadafi & Juju from The Beatnuts.  A music video has already been directed by Masar and should be out soon. Stay tune.


Tragedy Kadafi & Masar


Truly UrzZz “Young, Wild & RecklezZz” Vol. 2 [Designed by Masar Graphix]

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An other collaboration between Truly UrzZz & Masar.


→ Truly UrZzZ  “Young, Wild & RecklezZz” Vol. 1 -  Designed By @Masar_Graphix

→ Truly UrZzZ  “Young, Wild & RecklezZz” Vol. 2 -  Designed By @Masar_Graphix

→ Trully UrzZz & Ricky Bats “Bars Behind Bars” – Designed By @Masar_Graphix

Truly UrzZz ''Young Wild & RecklezZz'' Vol 2 - Designed by Masar (Front).jpg Truly UrzZz ''Young Wild & RecklezZz'' Vol 2 - Designed by Masar (Back)Twitter @TrulyurzZz
Bookings & Features : Bx2worldwide @gmail.com


Masar | Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer | Discography

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Masar Mixing Engineer in New York

Masar is mostly known for being the engineer of Max B & French Montana, he mixed & mastered a few mixtapes for them but Masar also worked for artists such as Beanie Siegle, Vado, Ransom, Fred The God Son, Hitchcock, IGT, Jim Jones, Jr Writer, A Mafia, Chinx Drugz, Byrd Lady, Timbo King, 9th Prince, 40 Cal, Charlie Clips, Al Pac & Al Chauncey just to name a few. Read More on Masar Tv

Masar Mixing Engineer in New York (2)



French Montana (CokeBoys)
“Hey My Guy” Ft Max B
”What’s Up” Ft Max B
”Flags” Ft Max B
“No More Pain” Ft Max B
“Porno Music” Ft Max B
“Death Around The Corner” Ft Max B




Max B (Gain Greene)
“All My Days”
“Dead Solver”
“Letter To Stack Bundles”
“Cake” Rmx Ft French Montana
“All For One Night”
“Movin On Out The Door”
“Ready To Ride” Rmx
“Starz Is Back”
“I Never Wanna”
“Lil Homies”
“Closer I Get To You”
“Pressure & Pain”
“Da Struggle”

 Max B & Masar

Beanie Siegle
“What You Want From Me” Ft Max B & French Montana
“Goon Music” Ft Max B & French Montana

40 Cal (Dipset)
“Beef At Ya mother’s house”
“Money Talk”

Ransom (A Team)
“Beef At Ya mother’s house”

Jr Writer (Dipset)
“Beef At Ya mother’s house”

Vado (U.N)
“Slime”Ft Sempe

Fred The God Son
“Keep it Moovin” Ft E. Daney

Hitchcock (A Team)
“Street Anthem” Ft Paladino & masar

Charlie clips (U.N)
“Stand Up” Ft Sempe
“Long time” Ft Sempe
“Wavy” Ft Henny The Don, Lil SNS

Byrd Lady (U.N)
“Stop It Ma”
“What They Want”
“Harlem Switzerland” ft Sempe

Jim Jones Presents World Dinero Feat Max B
“Get Low”

Kool G Rap Presents Glory Warz
“Main Poppin”


Director Masar – Show Reel 2k13

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An other successful year for Director Masar. With about 17 Music Videos shot this year, Masar is definitely on his grind.

Check out Masar’s 2013 DemoReel

Director Masar & Spike Lee


GFMsquad.com – Website Developed by Masar

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Check out the Goodfellas’ website developed by Masar. During the past 3 years, the Goodfellas and Masar have been working together on different projects including music videos, photoshoot and several mixtape covers.

Goodfellas' New Website Developed by Masar Tv


Bruce O’Mighty ft. Lowkey & Slang “Chilly Chill Mode” [Dir./Edited By Masar]

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Now Playing on Video Music Box

Shout out to uncle Ralph McDaniels for the support.

Director Masar on Video Music Box

Bruce O’Mighty ft. Lowkey & Slang

“Chilly Chill Mode”

[Dir./Edited By @MasarMasar]

Masar Directing a music video for Bruce O'Mighty, Slang & Lowkey


Chellz “Ear Candy” [Dir./Edited by Masar]

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Chellz “Ear Candy”

Starring @dori_dior
[Dir./Edited By @MasarMasar]


Chellz ''Ear Candy'' Starring Dori Dior - Directed by Masar


Chaz Williams’ Interview by Masar

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Born in Harlem, New York, Chaz “Slim” Williams became an interstate bank robber during the 1970s. Believed to have been behind dozens of heists, he received a 95-year prison term that was eventually whittled down to a decade and a half. He later founded Black Hand Entertainment and helped shape the careers of rap stars 50 Cent and Foxy Brown for a time… Read More


Chaz Williams Interview [2014]
[Dir./Edited By @MasarMasar]


Chaz Williams Interviewed by Masar Tv


Get your music video done professionally for $800 by Director MASAR

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Get Your Music Video Done Professionally For $800
For Process Details, Call Us Now : 917 932 5263

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Director Masar Has Videos Featured on MTV, BET, AOL Boombox and World Star Hip Hop to name a few. His YouTube Channel Has Over 2 Million Views.

He has shot music videos for artists such as: Max B, French Montana, Cappadonna, Masta Killa, Wu Tang Clan, Ransom, Chinx Drugz, A Mafia, Jr Writer, Dipset West, 40 Cal, Charlie Clips, Unkasa, Meeno, Timbo King, 9th Prince, F.T, Frenchie, Coke Boys, Lagato Shine, IGT and etc…

Since this is affordable, we usually shoot a complete video within a day. Editing the video is a bit of a challenge because this is where the real creativity work begins. Generally we try to have a video edited and finished within the 2 to 3 week period. (depending on how many other projects was shot prior to yours).

Add a green screen scene to your video for $200. Take a look at our green screen video samples

Get Your Green Screen Professionally Done by @Masar_Tv

Masar have shot videos in Switzerland, London, France, Monaco, Italy, Milwaukee, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Long Island, New Jersey and so on. He will go where the job takes him, as long as travel costs are covered of course.

Director Masar – Music Video Demo Reel [2009 - 2012]

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King Zayd “King on the throne” Directed by Masar

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King Zayd is a unique and dynamic song writer, executive producer, and artist who is from Lagos Nigeria. He moved to the states and started music at the early age of 15 way back with musical influences from Eminem, this bought the idea of making his first single called definition of me. He is a hard worker and a detailed entertainer who strives to get his music concept across to his fans.

Follow @KingZayd1


King Zayd “King On The Throne”
[Dir./Edited By @MasarMasar]

King Zayd Directed by Masar Tv

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