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Juan Anthony Alejos (born on October 10, 1995) better known by his stage name TheTrueMoJo, is an American hip hop recording artist from Racine, Wisconsin. In 2011, at the age of sixteen, TheTrueMoJo recorded his first song. He was inspired by the music of his cousin Young Hustle during the MySpace era. Listening to his cousin’s tracks is what sparked it all for him, he knew he also wanted a career as a rapper but with a twist of his own style. Right then and there he was motivated at his new future prospect in life.

TheTrueMoJo took time out to listen carefully to his old and new school favorite influential artists which inspired his writing and instrumental tracks as well today. He is now one of the hottest rappers from Wisconsin. Focused and couldn’t care less about criticisms, TheTrueMoJo worked on his music independently. Loaded with songs he crafted over the years his fans wanted more. Courageous and confidant he sold his music in school on the street and online. His lyrics include his real life experiences in his music as a young man was a natural progression and the new generation of Hip-hop can easily relate to his growing pains. Needless to say he has catchy musical hooks that appealed to his audiences. One of the main reasons why his fans grew larger.

One day while at the Guitar Center looking at some music equipment, he met DJ Bossmatic who is also from Wisconsin. The DJ listened to this young man's music and liked what he heard. He suggested that he should do live performances. TheTrueMoJo took his advice and started performing at numerous club venues in the area. His reputation grew for being an inspiration on stage. As a true performer the audience responds to his contagious energy. Soon after he built a buzz, people in the Midwest started asking questions and interest grew. Eventually his music got picked up by a local college radio station and this opened door to new opportunities like opening up a show for Hip Hop celebrity Yo Gotti.

TheTrueMoJo is a unique rap artist who isn’t afraid to stand out. he focuses on club bangers and car tracks to cruise in, that’s what he’s well known for. His style of music is targeting the young audiences that love Club Hip-Hop music that you can move too. The tracks are so contagious that it makes it easy to get into turnt up to the max, party songs.

With his newly signed record deal courtesy of V.I.P. A latin music record company out in New York. TheTruMoJo's career is finally off the launching pad. His first single "Put In The Work"off the “Dreams 2 Reality” mixtape comes from a mixture of a melodic flow and unforgettable chorus and became an instant smash in the local clubs and radio in Wisconsin. The music video for "Put In The Work" reached 13,000 organic YouTube views in less than 5 days. Not bad for a young kid out of the Midwest.

TheTrueMoJo is a real young passionate artist who grinds hard. he is young, fearless and ambitious. In the past TheTrueMoJo has worked with artist such as Soulja Boy, John Boy, Gino Marley and super producer Lil Keis just to name a few.

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