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Glovez is by no means your typical rapper. Ask most hip-hop artists taking their steps out onto the scene where they want to end up and you might hear them say they want to be the next Jay-Z or 50 Cent. But not this adopted New Yorker. Personally,” he says, “I just want to be me.”


It’s an attitude that is strikingly different from the usual biters and copycats clogging up the scene from coast to coast. And it is no surprise that Glovez musical output is as unique as his personality. With the launch of his first official mixtape – ‘Corporate Grind – You’re Fired Vol. 1”, Glovez is about to take his new, exciting message to the widest audience yet. The mixtape is a throwback to the days when hip hop was innovative, exciting music. And, just as importantly, to when it had a message.


What Glovez is railing against in his incendiary, electrifying debut release is the creeping influence of corporate culture on all aspects of American life. Having briefly given up on spitting rhymes to work in the belly of the corporate beast, Glovez knows his subject matter inside out. But he also links the mainstream corporate world with the new way that hip hop – his first love – is sold and marketed. Wanting to provide an alternative to the mainstream labels, which are just as cold and calculating as the biggest banks or business, Glovez takes his music to the street. The mixtape has, and always will be, the perfect way to do that.


He may be a new artist, but the do-it-yourself ethic and commitment to staying true to himself marks Glovez as an artist forged in the old school. It’s hardly a shock to learn that his rap idol is another true original – 2Pac. And although the two rappers styles are different, the great man’s music can still be heard in some of Glovez work.


All of this would mean diddly-squat if Glovez wasn’t a great rapper. Luckily, a great rapper is exactly what he is. Whether talking about the ongoing recession, his own background in an overseas military base or his later life coming to terms with his parent’s divorce and a move to New York, Glovez lyrics are always thoughtful, to the point and, often, inspiring.

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