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Ja Binx “H.L.F.7” [Designed by Masar]

Ja Binx ''H.L.F.7'' Designed by Masar [Banner Designed by Masar]

Gemini Persuasion - Banner designed by Masar

“Rockstar Life” ft. 40 Cal, Dj Khaled, French Montana & Bomshot – [Recorded by Masar]

Dj Khaled x French Montana x 40 Cal x Bomshot "Rockstar" [Recorded by Masar]

“Rockstar Life” has been featured on several Mixtapes including Dj Lazy “These my Street #2″ & 40 Cal “Trigganometry” just to name a few. Recorded in 2010 by Masar the song was initially supposed to be released with a music video but because of some politics, Masar never had a chance to shot the video […]

Gnoun ft.Tragedy Khadafi [Directed By Masar]

Masar | Music Video Director

First collaboration between French Rapper Gnoun & the legendary Tragedy Khadafi. The song has been recorded by Masar at the Goblin Music Studio in Queens, New York & mixed by the Camouflage studio in Marseille, France. Follow @tragedykhadafi @gnounlegnoun @SAMMcoloquinte @StudCamouflage @djelyes @AymenCamouflage @MasarMasar @Masar_Tv

Logan “Follow me” [Directed by Masar]

Logan ''Follow Me'' Directed by Masar (1)

This is the 2 collaboration between MyFam Productions & Director Masar. Check out Bruce O’Mighty ft. Lowkey & Slang “Chilly Chill Mode” [Dir./Edited By Masar] HERE Follow @LoganRnB @MyFamNY @Harmony_Pops @LowkeyBrooklyn @MasarMasar  Masar_Tv – –      

Chellz ”Trilluminati” [Directed by Masar]

Chellz ''Trilluminati'' Directed by Masar (38)

Chellz is back with the 2nd music video for his album “Tha Promise” which is now available on  iTunes. Check out his 1st  video ”Ear Candy” Directed by Masar HERE Follow @ChellzThaGreat @MasarMasar Chellz “Trilluminati” Starring @Hajirah_ [Dir./Edited By @MasarMasar]     Chellz “Ear Candy” Starring @dori_dior [Dir./Edited By @MasarMasar]

Masar & Dj Premier


Masar is mostly known for being the engineer of Max B & French Montana. For several years now, he has been working as an engineer in a studio located in the same building as the legendary D&D studio (Now renamed the HeadQcourterz), where all the classics Hip Hop records from the 90 has been recorded. […]

See Stacks “RubberBand Dem Stacks” [Designed by Masar Graphix]



Deen Burbigo speaks about Veust & Masar (Mic Forcing)

Deen Burbigo speaks about Veust & Masar (Mic Forcing)

Deen Burbigo & Alpha Wann are two successful French rappers. Both was invited by Abcdair du son to promote their upcoming album and talk about their musical influences. Veust & Masar from the group Mic Forcing was both mentioned as great artists. Journalist #1: Good morning, good evening, depend about the time you watching this. […]

Tragedy Khadafi & Masar

Tragedy Kadafi & Masar

Masar is actually  in the studio Recording & Mixing a project for French Rapper Le Gnoun which should include featuring from legendary rappers like Tragedy Khadafi & Juju from The Beatnuts.  A music video has already been directed by Masar and should be out soon. Stay tune.  


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