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Online mastering is the newest way to get work done in the music business.

Let our mastering engineer put the finishing touches on your album. Using a combination of analog and digital gear, our mastering engineer will give your song the finished professional broadcast quality for record label scouting and radio airplay.
A professional engineer in the industry is always the way to go when it comes to mastering your recordings. Give your ears a break and leave it up to a professional and watch your album rise up to the next level. With all the time you’ve put into your project, you deserve a professional end result.

To get start with your Mastering, follow the instructions bellow. If you have any questions you want to ask before working with us, please call/email us here with your inquiry.

Before the mastering process begins, a phone consultation will be scheduled so that technical and creative aspects of the project are determined before any work begins.

Depending on the size and number of the songs to be mastered, a variety of different options for uploading, or mailing if necessary, will be made available. Once the best method has been determined, We will load the files into our system so that the work can begin. If there are any issues with the upload, a second consultation may be necessary to take care of any technical issues that may arise.

Once the songs are successfully downloaded by us, the mastering work will begin. Most songs are completed one per day. Shorter songs with lower track count can be completed 2 or more per day. Longer songs with a higher track count may take two days to complete.

As part of the audio mastering service application process a timeframe for the completion of the work will be established. The timeframe for completion will be based on current scheduling and a realistic timeframe for uploading and verification of your songs. No mastering work will begin until all the files are verified.

Please send us an email or call us if you'd like any revisions to the mastering. We want you to be one-hundred percent satisfied and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

The final masters may be downloaded via FTP or delivered through

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all frequently asked questions. If your questions aren't on the list feel free to call/email us here with your inquiry.

Mastering is the final creative step in the recording process. It's about refining the sound to allow the project to realize its full potential, and optimizing the finished product for all possible environments. Peerless' skilled mastering engineers can make all the necessary adjustments to achieve the best possible sound for every project in the widest variety of listening environments.

Mixing is basically tinkering with everything you have recorded to complete your songs. You'll do things like drop in effects, adjust fader, EQ your tracks and so on. Think of mixing as putting the puzzle together. You're putting together the parts of what you have recorded, making sure everything hangs together right, and putting some finishing touches on things. When you're done mixing your songs, you should pleased with the way the song sounds and feel confident that you don't need to add anything musically.

Mastering is adding sparkle and shine to your music. In a very basic sense, when you master your album, you're making sure that song one doesn't blow out the speakers while song two is barely audible - in other words, you want the levels of the songs to be similar and you want a general sense of cohesiveness to your recording, It also add the finishing touches to the song to bring it to its highest poetntial, making as loud as possible without distorting and making the song sound big and strong while sounding wider and clearer to emerge you in its sound. No song should be without mastering!

Mastering is the final step in bringing your recording to its optimum potential. It gives your music the professional commercial quality necessary to compete nationally and globally. No matter if your audio is planned for radio, CD/cassette duplication, CDRom/DVD authoring or publishing to the world wide web, it must be mastered to take full advantage of the media in which it is to be released.

We suggest you use It's quick, reliable and free. Please don’t send us tracks as an e-mail attachment.

After working on countless songs and albums, mastering engineers develop an acute sense of sonic and musical knowledge that is key to successful mastering. It’s also a huge plus that the mastering engineer wasn‘t there when you recorded and mixed your album. Hearing your songs for the first time, a fresh pair of ears can offer truly objective advice.

By the time a project gets to the mastering stage, it has already been recorded and mixed. Consequently, any adjustment to one element of the sound will affect other elements as well. For example, an adjustment to the lead vocals may also affect a horn section or guitar. Masar Tv's mastering engineers spend years perfecting the art of the subtle compromises required to make these adjustments without impairing the overall sound. The end result is greatly improved sound quality and a cohesive finished product, in which each song or section of a song works with the whole to create an optimal listening experience.

Absolutely. If there is another album that sounds similar to how you'd like your album to sound after it is mastered, we would definitely like to hear it. This will help us understand your creative direction and sonic preferences.

At Masar Tv, we listen to our clients as closely as we listen to their work. Too many studios try to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to the mastering process, instead of adapting to the individual needs of each artist. Our engineers are flexible enough to understand what each client seeks--from a highly polished commercial product to a low-fi indie sound--and skilled enough to make that vision a reality. That's because our engineers have dedicated years to studying the art and science of mastering. We approach each project with the same care and individual attention.

Every project we work on goes through a quality control phase after it is complete. In the quality control phase another engineer listens to the project from start to finish, judging it by our strict quality standards. If he/she finds that something isn't working, the album is sent back to the mastering engineer to make a revision. Quality control also includes artefact removal, which means restoration tools are used to remove unwanted noises including digital pops and clicks, distortion, mouth noise, click track, anything that detracts from the intended aesthetic of the song. It's basically another close listening to be certain that everything sounds the best it possibly can. We provide this service to add another check and balance and make sure we provide our clients with the highest quality mastering.

To be able to provide you with great affordable rates and fast turnaround, all of our services are completely digitally processed. Using the industries absolute best software and plugins, we are able to provide an excellent digital OR analog sound to your mixes and OR masters. We work in a private studio with top quality computing systems, hardware and monitors & we have over 11 years experience mastering every genre of music. Once we receive your material and payment, we begin to prepare and work on your project right away. One your Mastering is completed, we rest our ears for a day and come back for anything we've missed, before the mastering is finalized, we will send you the master in mp3 format for your review, if any changes are needed, we will make them and send the master back, this process repeats until you confirm the mastering is complete.

Masters are tested on over 3 pairs of high end monitors and numerous sound systems such as an iPod (mp3 player), car stereo, Laptop speakers and a boom box, to make sure you are getting the best possible sound on every playback device!

Your files will be delivered to you in a personal private dropbox folder shared between us, you can choose to delete the files and folder or keep it to transfer material in the future if needed.

Once your project is completed you will receive A MP3 & WAV file of your Mastered song.

Please Note: ISRC is NOT required to use our services.

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an international standard code for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings. The code was developed by the recording industry in conjunction with the ISO technical committee 46, subcommittee 9 (TC 46/SC 9), which codified the standard as ISO 3901 in 1986, and updated it in 2001.

An ISRC code identifies a particular recording, not the work (composition and lyrical content) itself. Therefore, different recordings, edits, and remixes of the same work should each have their own ISRC code. Works are identified by ISWC codes. Recordings remastered without significant audio-quality changes should retain their existing ISRC codes, but the threshold is left to the discretion of the record company.

The provision of ISRCs is overseen by appointed national ISRC agencies. These national ISRC agencies issue codes directly to the public and may also utilize authorized ISRC Managers to issue ISRCs. In the United States, the appointed agency is RIAA. ISRC codes can be obtained directly from RIAA for an administrative fee ($80 at time of this publication) or from a commercial ISRC manager.[4] Only in territories where there is no national ISRC agency does IFPI provide codes to users.

To obtain a ISRC in your country please click HERE

Mastering generally takes 1 - 3 days for single songs and 7 - 10 business days for full albums, depending on our current work load, the turnaround time may be longer. Before making a purchase, please speak with us about the turnaround time for your project. Once complete It will then be emailed or shipped back promptly, and arrive at your doorstep or in your inbox.

Absolutely not. We gain nothing by spreading your information over the internet. Not only are we Audio Engineers and Producers, but we are Musicians as well. We know how important it is to keep your music safe and unheard by the public until it is completely right and ready to be shown to the world.

Yes, we offer rush services on all services. An additional fees will apply. Pricing (per song) is as follows:

3 DAYS - $25.00 | 2 DAYS - $50.00 | 1 DAY - $75.00

A physical Red Book Standard master disc, reference disc, and data disc will be included free of charge to all full album project purchases. Less than 8 song mastering submissions will receive .wav and .aiff files and a DDPi File which is today standard for CD Replication online, and made available through digital download. We are always more than happy to send you a physical master and reference disc at any time for an additional fee.

Our prices are reflective of my low operating expense and the high volume of projects we receive. And by receiving mastering projects via mail or internet, we can avoid the pitfalls of having to schedule appointments or sessions with the client, allowing us to produce work beyond "ordinary" office hours. This in turn means a much lower price to our clients.

For online payments any Major Credit or Debit Card is accepted as well as PayPal or Western Union. If you make your purchase physically in person, I can accept all major credit / debit cards, cash or check.

For the past 10-15 years albums have seemed to get louder. This trend is sometimes referred to as "The Loudness War." Some people seem to feel that the louder their record sounds, the better it is. This is a trend that we hope to help reverse. It's surprising how little understanding there is of the compromises that have to be made in order to make a recording louder. Unfortunately, there is no “11” on the knob. Nonetheless, people often ask us to turn it up without compressing it any more. The loudest any digital signal can be is digital zero. So there are basically two ways to make something that peaks near digital zero louder, one is to compress it heavily, then add makeup gain to get it as close to zero as possible and the other is to clip the peaks transients off of the wave form. Both are destructive to the natural dynamics of the music.

With that being said, if having a loud album is important to you, we will do our best to get the album to the level you desire with the least amount of negative consequences. We have a lot of experience mastering both loud and dynamic albums and we will work with you to get the sound that you desire. We will do our best to educate you about the pros and cons of making your album loud, but we will not stand in the way of your creative vision.

We believe in keeping my customers happy. If you are unsatisfied with your results We are willing to make any small changes and adjustments free of charge. For bigger adjustments you will be able to use your Free Revisions option. For revisions to a mix after it has been Mastered there will be an additional fee of $25. We do NOT make refunds.

Yes, it's true. We will continue to revise your master until you are totally satisfied with the final result. Once you hear your master, if there are things you want to change about it, simply call or email us with your change requests and we implement those changes and send you another updated master using either your free or purchased revisions. Simply put, you will get a master that is of the highest possible sound quality available.

Revisions are changes or edits you would like made to your Masters once they have been sent to you. Any revisions to a Mix after it has been Mastered will cost the Revision fee of $25.00

Masar | Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer

masar mastering engineer new york

Since the beginning of his engineering career, Masar has mixed hundreds of songs, but he has also recorded and mastered many albums, mixtapes and singles for different artists around the world. Masar has been working at some of New York City's most prestigious studios including Fresh Studio (Doug E Fresh's facility), Daddy's House (Puff Daddy's facility), StadiumReds (Just Blaze facility), Surf School Studio (Harry Fraud facility), Gain Greene Studio (Max B facility) and now Next Millenium Studio (Dipset facility). Masar is mostly known for being the engineer of Max B & French Montana, he has mixed & mastered several mixtapes for them but Masar has also worked for artists such as Beanie Siegle, Vado, Ransom, Fred The God Son, Hitchcock, IGT, Jim Jones, Jr Writer, A Mafia, Chinx Drugz, Byrd Lady, Timbo King, 9th Prince, 40 Cal, Charlie Clips & Harry Fraud just to name a few.

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Mastering | Services

Starting at $29
(Price do not include Mixing)


  • Up to 10 songs
  • Cd Included
  • Free Revisions
  • Delivery 7-10 Days


  • 1 song
  • Cd Included
  • Free Revisions
  • Delivery 3-5 Days


  • 1 song
  • Cd Included
  • Free Revisions
  • Delivery 3-5 Days



Album | Mastering

$49 (Per Song)
Price do not include Mixing


online mixing services compagny new york city

What's included in our mastering:

      Reduce distortion, click and clipping

      Create smooth fade outs

      Compression for consistent dynamics

      EQ to increase perceived loudness

      Edit beginnings and endings of tracks

      Set space or crossfades between tracks

      Create smooth fade outs

      Compression for consistent dynamics

      Maintain volume consistency between songs

Mastered by Masar Tv

Mastering is the final step of the production. This is where you give your mix the final polish before it’s ready to be distributed. Any seasoned mastering engineer will tell you that this delicate process is much about experience and good taste as it is about technique and equipment.

Sample of our Work:

mastering online services new york

online affordable mastering engineer services new york


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