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Cappadonna, Masta Killa & 9th prince “Back to the 36″ [Dir./Edited by Masar]

Masar was on set with a few members of the Wu Tang Clan  to direct 9th Prince [RZA's Brother/Killa Army] New Music Video.
The entire video has been Directed by Masar in the  legendary USA Shaolin Temple. Thanks to the Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Ming for opening the door of his Temple for us.


The track has been produced by BP and will be available on 9th Prince New Album. Behind The Scenes will be available soon. Subscribe to this blog to see it first.

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Originally From Nice, France, This Artist Has Been Living And Working In NYC For A Few Years Now. When We Met Masar We Were Overwhelmed By His Multi-Talent, He's A Graphic Designer, Engineer, Video Directer, Beatmaker, Dj, Manager, Booker, Promoter, Rapper... Whoa! Masar Is A Workaholic. His Last Music Video ''Beef At Your Mother's House" With Jr Writer, 40 Cal & Ransom, Describe Perfectly His Activity. This Video Has Been Entirely Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Directed & Edited By Masar. "He Also Designed The Cd Cover For It And The Song Is Available On Itunes". He Has First Started As A DJ In The Early 90'S. Then He Moved On As A Rapper In 95 And Has Been Signed By I AM (One Of The Biggest Rap Group In France). He Did A Few Verses On Different Artists Projects, Been On Tour, Dropped A Few Mixtapes And Then, Released His First Album "Nouvelle Ere" Which Means New Era. Rapidly He Started To Realize That There's No Opportunity As A Rapper In France. So He Then Started Focusing On Making Instrumentals. When His Beats Were On Point, He Started Working With Different American Artists. He Then Later On, Dropped His Second Album Called "International Connections" Which Is On Itunes As Well.